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We are on the Crafts Routes of Catalonia

This route discovers the crafts of the regions of Girona and proposes a stage of stories and legends linked to the festive imagery of Olot, the wooden spoons of Tortellà, the turnery of Sant Hilari Sacalm, the ceramics of La Bisbal and the earthenware from Quart and Breda. It stops at Calle dels Sastres and at the Museu dels Sants d’Olot; goes into Tortellà to explain the long tradition of making kitchen utensils with boxwood; pass by the La Bisbal d’Empordà Terracotta Museum, one of the most important ceramic interpretation centers in the country; visit the Brotherhood of the Pots in Quart; the Els Forns Cultural Center in Breda, or the Torneria Artisan Center in Sant Hilari. 

Information on spaces and activities related to crafts and tourism