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Núria Torrente

Barcelona, 1973

Degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona (2000). Trained at the Fundació Centre del Vidre de Barcelona in the courses of Restoration, Creation of stained glass and Design for Architecture (1998).

From the beginning I focused my attention on jewelry and small format. I have always liked the idea of giving my work an emotional meaning. So if glass has always been my language, jewelry is the perfect voice to carry with me those small handcrafted jewels that contain within them memories or concepts important to me. Sometimes even literally, as many of my glass jewels carry sand, photographs, texts...

This way of understanding my work led me to specialize in personalized glass jewelry. For me it is important that whoever buys my pieces feels that connection with the object, which from the beginning is already conceived as a special jewel, which will be materialized following that precept of exclusivity, in a handmade and unique way.

David Hierro Mariné

Barcelona, 1967

I move professionally in the world of glass since 1994, when I started as secretary of management at the Fundació Centre del Vidre de Barcelona. I was one of the founding members of the Associació Catalana de les Arts del Vidre, and I was on its board, as well as being its manager. Since 2006 I manage administratively one of my vital projects, Nutopía by Nuria Torrente, a glass jewelry studio led by Nuria Torrente.

I am the manager of the Federació d'Associacions d'Artesans d'Ofici de Catalunya. I am in charge of the production of the Mostra Internacional d'Audiovisuals d'Artesania organized by the Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda.

In recent years, I have alternated my management work in the craft sector with audiovisual production, repairing inflatable boats and polishing large sculptures.

Quim Hierro Torrente

Barcelona, 2001

Our dear intern. He translates texts into three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English. He has done more than one "voice over".

He is in charge of the production and editing of some of the latest audiovisuals of Nutopia by Nuria Torrente (Premis FIDEM by Nuria Torrente, Making of corporate gift or How I make a Mediterranean pendant). He has started taking pictures to illustrate our new project: Nutopia Land.

He generates images in collaboration with an AI.

He also cooks for us.




Esta página web nace con la voluntad de mostrar material audiovisual vinculado al mundo del vidrio, en sus facetas artísticas, artesanales y -¿por qué no?- funcionales. Un pequeño homenaje al material que tanto nos ha regalado los últimos 25 años. Dando todo el protagonismo posible a los artistas del vidrio, las instituciones, las empresas, los museos, las productoras y los realizadores que han colaborado con este proyecto, aportando su material audiovisual.